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Some stuff I've written on things relating to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Icelandic, Mayan

(January 2000)

Other links as the Sapienti portion of this site will not be changed, the home directory of Sapienti shows my early lack of attention to slotting things into proper subdirectories. There are of course, some subdirectories, but you will have to look for them by following the links. The links that immediately follow are mostly in new directories outside of Sapienti. The site contains several hundred HTML files, and over a thousand image files, mostly used for some Chinese and IPA characters. In total, there are between 1900 and 2000 files open to public access.

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The pages in this site have been written over three or more years. Some of the information I would like to rewrite but have no time to do so. As a consequence, there is a lot of repeating of myself, so that each page link can remain as a page by itself.

Newer pages are a lot more polished, and over the course of writing these pages, I've had a great deal of help from people interested in languages and linguistics. I thank them all because without their help, a lot of the essentially interesting stuff would not appear here.

The information gathered here is often hard to find in the English language in one place, so I've put some effort into organising the links into some kind of order that will (hopefully) lead one thing onto another.

I hope you enjoy a tour of what I can bring you so it stimulated you to go out and find more information.



Friday 10th December 1999.

Since moving over to this new site, I've decided to make more subdirectories to keep track of the things I've been writing, although you won't notice this when you use hyperlinks. The new stuff has been placed outside of the sapienti folder (which contains the old site pretty much as it used to be, except some directories aren't as deeply nested). You can get to the index of each by clicking on the following headings.

This page was created on Sunday 11th April 1999.

New links added on Sunday 23rd January 2000.

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