Hakka Dialect and Other Topics

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Mission Statement

The purpose of this document is to provide otherwise scattered information about Hakka and the issues which concern its understanding as a dialect or language.

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Please email suggestions, additions, corrections and other questions if you think of any that arise to the maintainer: Dylan W.H. Sung mabr12@dial.pipex.com The maintainer, reserves the right to edit any submissions and incorporate it into this FAQ if appropriate to do so, and so all submissions shall be given based on this understanding. For the purposes of copyright, the information given here, and any subsequent changes to it, is for free distribution, and may not be sold for profit or pecuniary gain. Plain text copies are OK for personal use, and the same restriction applies to its free distribution.

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The following have helped the author [dwhs] get a better picture of Hakka, and/or commented on the use of Pinfa and romanisation and/or the giving of informations resulting in the enhancement of this FAQ.

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  • C. F. Lau [cfl] 96981339r@polyu.edu.hk
  • Sherman Cheung [sc] sdc8874@hotmail.com
  • Dylan W.H. Sung [dwhs] mabr12@dial.pipex.com
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    My name is Dylan Sung, I authored the first edition of this a long while ago, after a call for FAQ's at the forum. It has turned into an essay on Hakka and linguistics and there seems to be a number of loose ends to tie up yet. Meanwhile my email address should you want to contact me by email is mabr12@dial.pipex.com. If you don't hear from me for a while, please beare with me, I'll try to do the best I can, as quickly as I am able.

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