Dear Dr Lau,

I downloaded a copy of your a while ago, but I cannot find the

place I downloaded it from. I have looked at SL Lee's list of links but

unable to find another copy on the net. Since I have a copy already, would

you like me to make it available for download on my website?

After unzipping it, I find that my Word program has the message "the file

contains double byt characters which could not be converted" for the

pinfajsh.doc file only. Do you have a plain text version available so that

I can append it to the zip file please. Thank you.

I have made the following  observations in comparisons with my Sa Tdiu Gok

Hakka romanisation.

Your system first then mine.


c = t       j = ts       q = ch      t = td      x = sh      y = z 

z = ts

End consonant

b = p       d = t       g = k    


ao = au    eu = iu    ian = en*   iad = et*   iag = ek*   ieu = iau    

*in certain cases.

Essentially, it is a near one to one correlation.



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