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would be the first thing you would say about me. China has a long written history and its influence dominated the far east.
is a chinese dialect. There are however many varieties, but Shataukok is the place where this form is found.
has its language to offer as being at once a link to the past and a nightmare for non-icelandic people to learn it.
has had a long historical relation with the Chinese. All forms of its written script are derived from chinese characters. As an island nation, it have some peculiar similarities with Iceland.
is a dodgey thing. Not everyone has the same tastes. Enter at your own peril.
is all around and happening even when we are not aware of it. It is the basis of all natural phenonmena. I studied as a science student (notice I did not use "scientist") in two universities. That was ages ago now....
are another dodgey subject. I just happen to like fantasy fiction plus a bit of this and that. But you'll not find that here, this is more a reference to books consulted in the course of writing some of the pages here
I look forward to hearing your views and comments on anything here. You'll find there's plenty here and more coming!On the last count there are over 150 HTML pages here, mainly connected with the Hakka topics.
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