Iceland, Icelandic and the strange creature called Björk

In July or August 1993 I heard a song on the radio called Human Behaviour. It was by the singer called Björk. When I saw her on television and I was hooked. I liked the bear romping about the woods especially. She sparked off an interest in things Icelandic for me.

The ancestor of the Icelandic langauage is Old Norse, spoken by the Vikings has made an important contribution to the english language. Icelandic has changed little since the time of the Vikings.

It has a rich history and literary tradition, though for learners the language is as formidable as it is beautiful.

Pronunciation is probably the best place to start with any language. You can access Islandia - Mimir - Icelandic Grammar Notebook on the net. Icelandic grammar includes adjectives, adverbs, the definite article, conjunctions, nouns, numbers, prepositions and verbs.

A good textbook is advisable, plus related literature to fill in on the culture.

You can read the Daily News from Iceland here. If you find that its a couple of days late, it's because they're off on weekends!

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