Dylan's email address

dylan "at" sungwh "dot" freeserve "dot" co "dot" uk

This will be my email address until I next update this link.

If you are writing to me, please place the codeword NALYD-SHW in the subject line,

otherwise, my incoming mail will sort everything as spam and your message disappears into the abyss...

DO NOT SEND pictures or any other file attachments. I will delete them, unless a prior agreement in writing with my consent. Sorry, can't be too careful.

Recently, someone has been forging my old email address, and if you were unlucky to have recieved spam from the extention sungwh.freeserve.co.uk, then it was not from me. Please do not respond to the email, nor open any attachments if there are any. I am not responsible for the unscrupulous actions of others nor for any problems arising from your opening of such attachments.

This action is known as spoofing. My old email address has been spoofed, and some messages with attachments claims to have updated your password, or registration. Dylan says, delete these email, even though they look authentic, and claim to be 'administrator', 'admin', 'info', 'service', 'support', 'mail', or any other variant. There is no registration on my site, so there is no need to update details for incoming users, or the need for passwords and such log on details. Do not be fooled, as I hereby distance myself from them or any damage they caused. Those that wish you to click on their attachments are on a "phishing" expedition. They want to install malicious spyware on your computer, or worse. Again, I will not be held responsible for such deceptions or any harm on your machine that comes about from such phishing expeditions.

If you have been affected, ask advice from your own ISP.

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