Hakka input method editor for Chinese Windows versions by Dr. C.F. Lau.

Package contains the following files:






Now the Pinyin input system is available, and I want to let all the Hakka

people in the world to share this product free of charge! The pinyin system

is natural, easy to learn, good for Chinese windows (Big 5) and most

important of all good for ALL HAKKA ACCENTS spoken in Taiwan, in or around

Meixian and Hong Kong, and overseas. Please help me to distribute the

necessary files I attach to you. Please help me to post the instructions for



1. Copy phrase.ime to C:\cwin\system (some people may use windoes or

cwindows instead of cwin, please adjust)

2. Copy hagfa.box to C:\cwin.

3. Install it to your chinese input by opening the control pannel and install.

4. To help you to adapt to my pinyin system, you can print the haga.box out.

It consists of 197 pages (about 6500 Chinese characters, but about 1000 are

repeated). In order to save paper, please divide it into 4 columns before

doing the printing. You can also use waste papers which have one side

printed. We Hakka people are one of the most environmentally friendly group

in the world! 

5. pinjsh.doc is the article to explain how the system is designed and how

it differs from other systems.

I hope this work will try to help all fellow Hakkas.

Liu2 Zin3fad5.

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