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Hakka Language Links
  • Dr. C. F. Lau's homepage about Hakka and Chinese Linguistics
    Dr. Lau has created a site about chinese linguistics, and Hakka plays an integral part.
  • S. L. Lee's Hakka Chinese Homepage
    Find out more about Hakka Roundhouses and many links to Taiwanese Hakka speakers. Join in the discussion at the New Hakka and Chinese Forums, which replaces the recent mHonarch list and the old one at Old Hakka Forum which will become read only archives.
  • Al Chu's list of Taiwanese Hakka resources
    He gives a descriptions of the sounds in Taiwanese Hakka in fanqie form (initial and ending)
  • Sherman Cheung's Pages on Hakka, in particular the Wuhua (NgFah) Dialect
    He is very passionate about his views of Modern Greece and has some good links to Hakka material too.
  • Jonathan Teoh's Hakka World 200
    These colourful pages are set to expand into something big.
  • Language information
  • Professor Marjorie Chan's site at Ohio State University, USA
    Being at the forefront of Chinese Linguistics, certainly is cutting edge stuff in these pages! Loads of links to all sorts of things Chinese including software, linguistics etc....
  • Jim Breem's Pages
    A wealth of imformation about Japanese computing etc. Get fonts, dictionaries etc here!
  • Mike Wright's homepage
    Links to his favourite linguistic material, and hobbies are found here. A Holo speaker amongst us.
  • Ethnologue 13th Edition Database of Languages
    Brief summary of statistical information about nearly all the world's languages. It includes foreign dialects spoken that differ from the national language of that country. The source for most of the information seems to be from a Christian background, and some of the data may have changed with time.
  • On Line Dictionaries of Chinese and Japanese Characters
  • Thomas Chin's "A Hakka pronouncing dictionary of Chinese characters"
    This is an on-line dictionary which has inputs in the Hakka, Mandarin, Cantonese, Sino-Korean, Sino-Japanese, and a whole host of other inputs. Well worth a visit. GIF character format.
  • Charles Muller's Excellent CJK Dictionary
    Chinese, Japanese and Korean (Hanzi, Kanji and Hanja) Characters resource. Requires Japanese Shift - JIS software interpreter. The format is the characters and their interpretation appear in the same page as all other characters with the same radical.
  • Christian Wittern's 50,000 CJK resource.
    It does NOT require and interpreting software as characters are displayed via GIF format. A good place to find archaic characters in Ming Ti type. Many will not have any meanings, so go here if you want to look around.
  • Robert Beard list of on-line web dictionaries
    from Pasedena's Buknell University, USA. Very thorough list of the major and minor language resources (dictionaries and wordlists) of the world.
  • Japanese Language
  • TAKASUGI Shinji's Teach Yourself Japanese
    Learn some Japanese here! Love the backgrounds. Shinji takes you through the basics of Japanese writing, and grammar. All characters are sent out in GIF format, so you don't have to worry about encoding. He also has dowloadable zip files of the very pages in the site, so you can learn at your leisure. On the same page, you'll find lots of very good links to things Japanese.
  • Japanese Text Initiative
    They're trying to put classic Japanese reading material onto the net in encoded form. Use a piece of software which can read either JIS, SJIS, or EUC.
  • The Japan Gude
    A very extensive site. Chok-a-blok with nearly everything you wanted to know about the place.
  • Playing Cards
  • Andrea Pollet's Collectors' Page
    Andrea is a collector of beercans, games and other interesting things too! See his collection of Oriental cards.
  • John McLeod's Page on Hakka Luk Fu Pai
    He writes about card games and talks the very game in this site gathering his references from many sources. The version he has here is slightly different to mine.
  • Iceland
  • Daily News from Iceland
    Summary of the day's news from Iceland. Monday through to Fridays only. It has a comprehensive list of all its own newpages, though older external links may not work, if you dig into their archive
  • Islandia - Mimir - Icelandic Grammar Notebook
    Icelandic grammar has got to be one of the most difficult in the world; nearly everthing is declined and conjugated. Cheaper than buying it, comes from a number of good sources, such as Einarsson's Icelandic, and G.T. Glendenning's Teach Yourself Icelandic. A site with top marks!
  • Mal og Menning
    The quintissential site for all books Icelandic and Iceland related. Site has an English and Icelandic version.
  • Maya
  • Maya Art & Books
    There are plenty of images of Mayan art here, with book suggestions and other information for travellers.
  • Mayan Writing
    Information about Mayan hieroglyphs on codices and on the monuments of MesoAmerica.
  • Rabbit In The Moon
    Mayan glyphs and architecture explored.
  • Say Hello in the Mayan Language
    Some vocabulary of modern Maya dialects.
  • The Maya Astronomy Page
    One of the most interesting developments was the calendar in MesoAmerica. Together with this, they independently discovered the zero many centuries before other cultures in the Old World.
  • Tai Chi and Hakka Cooking
  • Yoko and Karen Chung's Homepage
    For the curious and beginners alike, Tai Chi is about excercising the body towards a sense of well being. How to cook Hakka dishes eaten at home which are both delicious and nutritious. Recipes which you cannot find in your restaurant because it is good traditional home cooking!
  • Hakka Round and Square Fortresses
  • Mr. Matsushita has written an account of his brief visit to Fujian RongDing District, and seen the impressive construction of Hakka Round and Square Fortress buildings. The page is in Japanese Shift-JIS encoding and the information is very interesting, as he also delves into the history too.
  • Other Genealogies
  • Thien Family Newsletter maintained by Thien Wui Pheng of Malaysia.

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