Legend of the Fu Hok

Please consult pronunciation table for the correct sounds in Sa Tdiu Gok Hakka.

Kiu4 tin4 si2, yiu1 tsak5 ngin2 mai1 dao3 go3 muk5 gon1 siong3 bin1 gia1 mang2 gai4 a1 mi1 sid6. In olden times, there was a person who bought some dried fruit for his blind mother to eat.
Gi2 ham4 gia1 lao3 po2 la2 tson3 hi4. Bud5 go3 gia1 tsak5 lau1 po2 ti2 ga1 siong3 sid6 ai4 go3 muk3 gon1. He asked his wife to take it home. But his wife wanted to eat the dried fruits herself.
Ai4 mang2 po2 ai4 sim1 kiu1 tdiu1 tdiu1 sai4 dao3 yit2 bao fu ki gon bin ai gar ngiong sit. The old blind woman's daughter-in-law secretly dried a bagful of leeches for her mother-in-law to eat..
Gi sid dao um hao sid, toi ai min tong tdiu fong den, mong gi hoi. She did not like them when she ate some, so placed them at the head of her bed and forgot all about it.
Ai lao mang por ai lai tsu fan tson loi mun giar mi ai gor muk gon hao um hao sid, When the blind woman's son returned and asked if she'd liked the dried fruit,
gi meh ham, 'Mao mai mui gai, yiu ngiun giao giao, hao lan chiao, ngai mao sid zen oh.' She then said, 'There wasn't any taste, and it was tough and chewy, very hard to bite, and I did not finish them.'
Ai lai tsu lem dao hao tut ki, meh mun gia mi, 'Mao sid zen fong lai hi hoi oh?' The son thought this unusual and so asked his mother, 'If you did not finish them where did you put them?'
'Ngai fong ai min tong tdiu hi hoi oh', ai a mi meh ham. 'I put then at the head of the bed', his mother said.
Ai lai tsu dah hoi ai bao loi kon, kon dao zid bao tsu heh fu ki gon. Zid lem hi loi, lem dao hao tin tor. Her son opened the bag to see, and saw it was full of dried leeches. Suddenly he knew what had happened.
Gi la ai fu ki gon fong ai sui tdung hi, tsim dao zit tdung tsu heh sang fu ki. He took the dried leeches, put them into the water tank, and soaked them until it was seething with live leeches.
Ai tsak ngin meh la ba tdai dao ma loi moh, moh dao fai fai, man man den ai lao poh tson. That person then took a huge cleaver and started to grind it, until it was very very sharp, and slowly waited until his wife returned.
Giar lao poh hi tsor seh tson loi, ai lao gung meh ham His wife returned from work and her husband said
'Ngi dah hoi ai sui tdung loi kon eh, kon tin toh did eh. Tsim ten did hi ak, ten dor did eh...' 'Uncover the water tank and have a look inside, have a real good look. Look closer, a little more...'
Giar lao gung kon dao giar lao poh puk dai he kon, la ai fai fai ai tdai dao ma zid tsam, tsam hoi giar tsak tdiu. Bod sang ded lok ai sui gong hi. Her husband seeing that she had lowered herself down to look, took the very sharp cleaver and in one chop, chopped her head of. Plop, and it fell into the water tank.
Ai lao gung kon dao giar lao por ai tdiu man sin tsu heh fu ki, kep tson ai sui tdung goi hi. When the husband saw his wife's head covered with the leeches, he put back the water tank's cover.
Tdien gong tsao sin da hoi ai sui tdung goi loi kon dao tsak fu hok. In the morning, when the water tank's cover was removed, a fu-hok (crane) was seen.
Giao, 'Ga Ok, Ga Ok'. "Um heh ga ok oh, fu ok oh", ai lao mang por ham. It cried 'Ga Ok, Ga Ok' (= family vengeful, family vengeful). No, it isn't the family who is vengeful, its 'fu ok' (= husband vengeful) the old woman said.
Dao gin nah ai fu hok tsu heh giao 'Fu Ok, Fu Ok'. Till now, the Fu Hok still cries Fu Ok Fu Ok, meaning vengeful husband, vengeful husband.

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