Techincal Notes on the Chinese Language Dialects

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Phonology of the Seven Major Dialect Groups of Chinese

  • ch-intro.htm An introduction to the various Chinese dialects
  • mandarin.htm Mandarin Phonology
  • wu.htm Wu Phonology
  • min.htm Min Phonology
  • yue.htm Yue Phonology
  • hakka.htm Hakka Phonology
  • gan.htm Gan Phonology
  • xiang.htm Xiang Phonology

    References and Maps

  • biblio.htm Recommended readings and reference works consulted whilst writing the articles in this section of the site.
  • chinasch.htm Schematic maps of China

    International Phonetic Association Symbols

  • chinipa.htm Some symbols used in Chinese Phonology
  • ipacon.htm A chart of the IPA consonants
  • vchart.htm A chart of the IPA vowels

    A few essays unfinished

  • reconstr.htm Reconstructing Chinese Phonological History - just begun.
  • gy01.htm A summary of the various periods in Chinese history.
  • ch-char.htm A brief history of Chinese lexicon, and language change.
  • midchin.htm No contents
  • modchin.htm No contents

    GuangYun Rimes

  • 206gyr01.htm GuangYun Rimes with supplementary characters from Karlgren's Etudes sur la Phonologie Chinoise. It is hoped that this provides a easy page where character's GuangYun rhyme is easily located within its 61 rows.
  • 206rimes.htm Similar to the above, except there are none of Karlgren's characters.
  • gy1.htm Part 1, rime rows 1 to 20
  • gy2.htm Part 2, rimes rows 21 to 41
  • gy3.htm Part 3, rimes rows 42 to 61
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