U+4E00 (19968) and U+9FA5 (40869) are the first and last characters of a block of 20902 Unified CJK Characters. A full listing of CJK ideographs U+4E00 to U+9FA5 can be found here. The decimal character index values given here, can be converted into hexadecimal form easily using a scientific calculator. Hexadecimal representations are not given, except when discussing unicode ranges.

The aim of this indexed listing is for easy browsing of the character by Kangxi Radicals of the characters which are indexed using a five figure decimal number. In HTML webpages, you can call up Chinese characters using this code and prefixing it with &# and postfixing it with ;. Ideally you should have Chinese Traditional and Simplified, Japanese and Korean fonts in order to see every character. These pages are best viewed in Unicode compatable browsers (Internet Explorer 4.0 or better).

Not all the characters listed here may be found in KangXi Dictionary (康煕字典) as there are some characters created in Japan and Korea, not to mention some which are Chinese dialect specific characters.

Characters listed here can be copied and pasted in Unicode capable software. For email messages, you can send in UTF-8 format. Interestingly, though the characters listed in this index are all produced using &#nnnnn; type notation, the copied text when translated into UTF-8 becomes saved in the form of pairs of hexadecimal characters preceeded by an equals sign (=). For instance 36554 車 becomes converted into =E8=BB=8A and alternatively they may be saved as strings of eight byte characters without one having to do anything.

Since the unified CJK character set has been codified, there have been the development of new extentions and additions to Unicode. Please visit their site at http://www.unicode.org for more information.

I wish to thank Thomas Chan for providing me with the java script to make this index possible. Any mistakes found here are my own. User Beware!