CJK Unified Ideographs

19968 (U+4E00) to 40869 (U+9FA5)

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This Unicode listing below uses the format

where nnnnn decimal-number is used.

There are 20902 CJK Unified Characters here. In Unicode 3.0 it was supplemented by CJK Unified Characters Extension A, which contains a further 6582 characters from 13312 (U+3400) to 19893 U+4DB5. Please note that Zhuyin Fuhao, Katakana, Hiragana, and Hangeul syllables and other CJK compatability characters/glyphs are not included within the code points in this page, or those of CJK UC Ext-A.

Because the entire page was very large, at around 465kb, I decided to split the lot into manageable chunks, and give it an index form. Please click here for Unicode Hash Codes. A host of supporting pages for Chinese phonetic characters and Japanese syllabaries are given together with other symbols.

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