Friday, 3rd September 1999.

Hi there,

Welcome to my pages, and thanks for finding this site. Here is an old photo of me, just in case you're curious about me. Grim looking chap isn't he?

I have well over 200 pages and hundreds of little gifs here. Mostly it is about Hakka, though I have a few other subjects which have occupied my time variously over the last few years.

Click the chop to go to my Hakka pages, there will be links to other pages at this site.
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This is a clean, non-commercial site (Geocities advertisments are nothing to do with me), suitable for people of all ages. It is the product of many thousands of hours work, with input from many people. I wish to thank everyone who has contribute with information, advice and corrections that has made this site the way it is. Enjoy your look around.

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    Brief History

      This site has moved a couple of times, and now found a home here at Geocities. It began back in 1996 shortly after I became interested in the internet. That original site was restricted to 0.5Mb, all of which I'd used up so that prompted the first move. Sapienti was born on September 27th 1997, and that consisted of 10Mb of space, but it was costly for the limited size. At its peak it maxxed 1900 individual files, the majority of which were my site, the rest amounting to about 30 files, site management files as it ran on a Unix server. This is my third move to Geocities. It originally contained only 2MB of space, but has since grown to 16Mb, all free.

      Sapienti hasn't changed very much since moving here. I've been doing new pages in another part of this site, Chinese and Flux are new directories with some work I've been doing since moving over here on 3rd September 1999.

      I recommend viewing these pages with IE and Netscape 3.x or above, ideally with 800x600 screen resolution. The tags and stuff are mostly HTML 3.2. There is a little javascripting in a couple of the pages, but on the whole, I've decided to keep it plain and simple.

    Disclaimer and Intellectual Property Copyright

      The pages which you can access here are for information only. I maintain and assert copyright over all the contents in my website except for that inserted by Geocities in the form of links to its products, or advertisements. No part of these pages may be taken and reproduced in any form, except in circumstances of fair use, without the author's prior consent. I make no advertisements at all. I may have links to sites I find interesting that have advertisements, but that does not mean I endorse their products, ethics or viewpoints. By viewing any of my pages, you agree by to abide by these terms.

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