Books Metioned and Others Consulted

  1. Icelandic book list of Literature, Language and travel guides
  2. Review of "The Hakka Dialect" by Mantaro J. HashimotoFor Hakka people, a noteworthy source of information.
  3. The Chinese Language by R.A.D. Forrest brings the language of chinese together, in time and geographical space.
  4. Si Jiao Hao Ma Xin Ci Dian The Commercial Press Shanghai, Four Corner Index Dictionary, also has a index of characters under radicals in number of strokes. Totally in simplified chinese.
  5. 'HTML in Plain English' by Sandra E. Eddy has been a just wonderful.

Below are some titles which have helped me get through some of the things in these pages. They mainly concern Chinese and Japanese so they also serve as a great bibliography for those who want to start the language too. However, some of the Chinese and Japanese Dictionaries are only in one language which are best suited to those with a grasp on the written languages themselves. They're not in any particular order...

Mantaro J. Hashimoto

The Hakka Dialect

A Linguistic Study of its Phonology, Syntax and Lexicon

Cambridge University Press (Princeton University)

1973 hbk

ISBN 0-521-20037-7

David Graddol, Jenny Cheshire and Joan Swann Describing Language 2nd Edition Open University Press 1994 pbk ISBN 0-335-19315-3
Florian Coulmas The Writing Sytems of the World Blackwell Publisher 1992 pbk (1st pub 1990 hbk, 1991 pbk) ISBN 0-631-18028-1
Peter Wesley-Smith Unequal Treaty 1898-1997 China, Great Britain and Hong Kong's New Territories Oxford University Press 1983 (1st pub 1980 hbk) ISBN 0-19-583727-4
Mark Elvin The Pattern of the Chinese Past A Social abd Economic Interpretation Stanford University Press 1973 ISBN 0-8047-0826-6
David Crystal Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics Fourth Edition Blackwell Publishers Ltd 1997 (1st ed 1980 by Andre/ Deutch) ISBN 0-631-20096-7 hbk / 20097-5 pbk
Ed. in Cheif: Jack Halpern NTC's New Japanese - English Character Dictionary The Most In-Depth and Authoritative Kanji Dictionary National Textbook Company 1993 ISBN 0-8442-8434-3
Si Jiao Hao Ma Xin Ci Dian Four Corner Index New Dictionary Shang W Yin Shu Guan - Commercial Press Ltd, H.K. 1995 April 38th Edition ISBN 962-07-0024-4 / ISBN 962-07-0025-2
Xin Han Ying Ci Dian New Chinese-English Dictionary Qing Nian Chu Ban She Hong kong Youth Press 1985 ISBN ?
Shang Wu Yin Xin Zi Dian Commercial Press New Character Dictionary Shang Wu Yin Shu Guan, HK 1992 December (4th printing) ISBN 962-07-0140-2
Yin Han Han Yin Liang Ci Dian English Chinese & Chinese English Dictionary Da Guang Chu Ban She H.K. 1976 May ISBN ?
Xiu Zhen Yin Han Han Yin Liang Ci Dian English Chinese & Chinese English Dictionary Web Guang Chu Ban She 1988 October ISBN ?
Roy T. Cowles A Pocket Dictionary of Cantonese Hong Kong University Press 1992 (1914,1949,1986) ISBN 962-209-122-9
Henry Henne Sathewkok Hakka Phonology Reprinted from Norsk Tidskrift For Sprogvidenskap 1964 BIND XX ISBN ?
KanWa Jiten Kanji Japanese Dictionary Benesse 1996 Feb ISBN 4-8288-0422-6
KokuGo Jiten Japanese Language Dictionary Obunsha 1997 (1960/1992 8th Ed) ISBN 4-01-077702-8
Roy Andrew Miller A Japanese Reader Graded Lessons for Mastering the Written Language Tuttle Language Library 1990 (1962) ISBN 0-8048-1647-2
Samuel E. Martin Essential Japanese An Introduction to the Standard Colloquial Language Tuttle Language Library 1993 (1954, 1992) ISBN 0-8048-1862-2
Everett F. Bleiler Essential Japanese Grammar Dover Publications LTD 1963 0-486-21027-8
Rita L. Lampkin Japanese Verbs and Essentials of Grammar A Practical Guide to the Mastery of Japanese Passport Books 1995 ISBN 0-8442-8406-8
P.G. O'Neill Essential Kanji 2000 Basic Japanese Characters Systematically Arranged for Learning and Reference Weatherhill 1992 (1973, 1987) ISBN 0-8348-0082-9 hbk / ISBN 0-8348-0222-8 pbk
P.G. O'Neill Japanese Names A Comprehensive Index by Characters and Readings Weatherhill 1993 (1972, 1989) ISBN 0-8348-0225-2 pbk
A book about ChongKit/Cangjie:

Like some of the above books, this does not have an ISBN number
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