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In the UK, books about Iceland and Icelandic take a bit of searching out. They are variously spread out in the literature, travel, references and languages sections.

The best starters are the following, though, I in no way absolutely endorse any one of these (just to cover my butt) outright. They are all useful!

However, if you are in Iceland, or anyplace else, you can contact Mal og Menning, they have almost everything under the sun about Iceland and stuff.

Travel Books

  • Iceland, Greenland & the Faroe Islands. Deanna Swaney. Lonely Planet Books
  • Essential Iceland. David Williams AA Publishing
  • The Saga of Iceland. Magnus Magnusson


  • Icelandic. P. J. T. Glendening Teach Yourself Books, Hodder & Stoughton
  • Icelandic. Stefán Einarsson John Hopkins University Press
  • Icelandic-English English-Icelandic Dictionary. Arnold R. Taylor Hippocrene Books
  • Linguaphone Icelandic Course (includes 4 cassettes, Stefán Einarsson's Icelandic, Æfingar and a Handbook)

    Travel Language Phrasebook Guides

  • Scandinavian Casette Pack. Berlitz
  • Scandinavian Europe Phrasebook. Lonely Planet- Language Survival Kit


  • Edda. Snorri Sturluson Everyman
  • Eyrbyggja Saga. Tr. by Hermann Pálsson and Paul Edwards (tr.P&E) Penguin Classics
  • Njal's Saga.Tr. Magnus Magnusson and Herman Pálsson (tr. M&P) Penguin
  • Seven Viking Romances. tr.P&E Penguin
  • Egil's Saga. tr. P&E Penguin
  • Hrafnkel's Saga and Other Icelandic Stories. Tr. P Penguin
  • Laxdaela Saga. Tr. M&P Penguin
  • Orkneyinga Saga. tr. P&E Penguin
  • The Vinland Sagas. tr M&P Penguin
  • The Norsemen. H. A. Guerber Senate
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