Lau's HagFa Input

* A word from Dr. C.F. Lau a.k.a. Liu Zin Fad Liu2 Zin3 Fad5, who has a Hakka dictionary in print (1997) ISBN 962-201-750-9. Below is some of his work on the Hag5Ga1 input he has used to encompass the majority of Hakka subdialects of SE Asia.
C1 Dr. Lau's most recent update on his Pinfa. Size = 122,887 bytes. Big5
C2 For download as an input method; Size = 55,489 bytes
B1 Dr. Lau's 1998 update on his Pinfa Size = 91,136 bytes. Big5
B2 For download as an input method; Size = 42580 bytes
A1 Hakka Romanisation or PinFa by Dr. C.F. Lau Original file, since been expanded, see below.
A2 Original Zip File from where PinFa contents is taken.
Size = 149,508 bytes
* Text form of "pinfajsh.doc" BIG5

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