KangXi (康煕) Radicals and Character Listing

KangXi (康煕) was the second Emperor of Qing Dynasty (淸朝) China. He commisioned a dictionary of all Chinese characters, and in 1716, it was completed and honoured with his name. It is known as the KangXi ZiDian (康煕字典).

The dictionary ordered the characters according to radicals or bushou (部首) and the remaining number of strokes. The horizontal window above this section shows numbers followed by 畫 which indicates the total number of strokes of the radicals themselves. There are 214 bushou listed on the left in order of their appearance in the KangXi character dictionary. Variants or simplified forms of the radical characters are listed beside the links.

Unicode has used the 214 radicals as a convenient way to order the characters found in the character set standards for computing from the CJK locales. Where there are Chinese simplified characters, they depend on two factors.

28 December 2000