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Singapore's Obsolete Simplified Hanzi

In Singapore, 1969, 502 simplified characters were published in "A Table of Simplified Characters" (簡體字表 JianTiZi Biao). There were some characters which were different from the Mainland Chinese simplificiations. In 1974, the list was expalnded to encompass some 2248 simplified hanzi. Of these, 13 differed from the published simplified characters from mainland China, and another 35 had a dual set of simplfied variants in "Collective Tables of the Simplified Characters" ( 簡體字總表 JianTiZi ZongBiao = JTZZB). These differences were later eliminated in 1976 in the revised publication of JTZZB by the "Singapore Ministry of Informations's Committee for the Simplfication of Chinese Characters" (新加坡敎育部委任簡化漢字委員會 XinJiaBo JiaoYuBu WeiRen JianHua HanZi WeiYuanHui)

The two sets of characters are reproduced in this page, with the obsolete characters initially given in gif format [drawn freehand sized 32 by 32 pixels from the handwritten form presented in my source Chou FaKao, Oct 1979.]. Where it is possible, characters in the Unicode (3.0) repetoire are also given. The Mandarin pronunciation is provided for reference only.

13 Singapore Simplifications But Not Official Mainland Simplifications

Please note that none of the Singaporean simplified characters are official simplified characters found in China. However, they are used as unofficial simplifications in private handwriting. The first simplified hanzi in this list is a mainland simplification of the character sha1 meaning "to kill". The character has two readings, cha4 "Buddhist temple"and sha1 "stop, check".

The first column of characters on the left are now obsolete, the traditional character follows, then the Mandarin reading, and finally a form that exists in Unicode which closely matches the obsolete character.

  1. cha4
  2. chuang1
  3. da1
  4. jie3
  5. liu2
  6. mao4
  7. qi4
  8. que4
  9. suan4
  10. xin4
  11. yao1     
  12. yi4
  13. zui3

35 Singaporean Simplifications with Duplicate Forms

Two of these characters (hua2 and xiao1) marked [**1] are available only in Extention A of Unicode, and may not be exactly as the Singaporean simplified variant.

The first column of characters on the left are now obsolete, the second column is the traditional hanzi with the mainland and Singaporean simplified hanzi now in use in the third column. A Mandarin reading is given in column 4, and any characters appearing after that are those that resemble the obsolete character, but available in Unicode.

  1. 撥拨 bo1
  2. 場场 chang3
  3. 讀读 du2
  4. 惡恶 e4
  5. 飛飞 fei1
  6. 廢废 fei4
  7. 撫抚 fu3
  8. 覆复 fu4
  9. 關关 guan1
  10. 國国 guo2
  11. 劃划 hua2 [**1]
  12. 諫谏 jian4
  13. 頹颈 jing3
  14. 開开 kai1
  15. 褲裤 ku4
  16. 來来 lai2
  17. 賣卖 mai4
  18. 潑泼 po1
  19. 讓让 rang4
  20. 賽赛 sai4
  21. 獅狮 shi1
  22. 贖赎 shu2
  23. 肅肃 su4
  24. 歲岁 sui4
  25. 檯台 tai2
  26. 無无 wu2
  27. 蕪芜 wu2
  28. 蕭萧 xiao1 [**1]
  29. 簫箫 xiao1
  30. 續续 xu4
  31. 亞亚 ya4
  32. 雜杂 za2
  33. 證证 zheng4
  34. 職职 zhi2
  35. 紙纸 zhi3

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