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한글 Hangeul

Hangeul characters are composed of Jamo (자모). There are are 11172 precomposed Hangeul (한글) glyphs in Unicode. They are situated in the range U+AC00 (44032) to U+D7A3 (55203).

There are 19 single consonant initials (ㄱ g, ㄴ n, ㄷ d, ㄹ l, ㅁ m, ㅂ b, ㅅ s, ㅇ * (-ng), ㅈ j, ㅊ ch, ㅋ t, ㅌ k, ㅍ p, ㅎ h ), 5 double consonant initials ( ㄲ gg, ㄸ dd, ㅃ bb, ㅆ ss, ㅉ jj ) and 21 vowel type jamo (ㅏ a, ㅐ ae, ㅑ ya, ㅒ yae, ㅓ eo, ㅔ e, ㅕ yeo, ㅖ ye, ㅗ o, ㅘ wa, ㅙ wae, ㅚ oe, ㅛ yo, ㅜ u, ㅝ weo, ㅞ we, ㅟ wi, ㅠ yu, ㅡ eu, ㅢ eui (yi), ㅣ i ). The romanisation we have used here is Korean Language Society (KLS).

Zero intial syllables are begun with the jamo ㅇ, but serves as a velar nasal -ng when it appears at the end of a syllable.

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