Sung Family Clan Records

These are a set of scans (100 dpi 256 grey) of a photocopy of the Sung Family Clan Records kept at Kuk Po Village, Shataukok, N.T. Hong Kong SAR, China.
These scans done by pages. There are a few blank pages in the original copy, but I have left these out so that the whole set follows each other without a break. The photocopy is of the register opened with a two page spread. I scanned the right first, then the left page. This provided some over lap between them.

There are two copies of the actual genealogy, by two members of the Sung clan from different branches of the family. We do share a common ancestor (numbered seventeeth from an ancestor living in the Southern Song dynasty). This is Sung4 Ngiuk6 Yin1, ten generations before me. He arrived and founded our local clan in KukPo Village.

The running text extends from pages 1 through to page 44.

The first set of the genealogy begins on page 45, through to page 54, with the name of the calligrapher who is a second cousin thrice removed from me. This work was finished by Sung4 Yun2 Shiak5 in the summer of 1927 (written as the eighteenth year of the Chinese republic, a couple of years before my father was born). We share the common ancestor numbered nineteenth.

The second set begins at page 55 which is a portion of the cover with the name of the calligrapher there. The remaining pages take up his family lineage.

I share a common ancestor with the second calligrapher, who is numbered twenty second. I am now the twenty seventh generation from the Song Dynasty ancestor.

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