Late Night Thoughts...

Entries follow the form
[SUNG GUNG NAME {(DoB or DoD )}] [Surname(s) of Wife/Wives] [Number of Sons] [Name_1, Name_2,...] [Number of Daughters] {[Name_1, Name_2,..]}


Sung4 Gung1 Ngiug6 Yin1 Zen1, Fung2, 3 Sons, Tao1 Yid5, Nen2 Yid5, Zau1 Yid5
Sung4 Gung1 Tao1 Yid5 Li3, 3 Sons, Din3 Zung1, Se4 Zung1, Yun4 Zung1
Sung4 Gung1 Din3 Zung1 Ng2, 3 Sons, Vun2 Guong1, Vun2 Fui1, Vun2 Yau4
Sung4 Gung1 Vun2 Fui1 Zong1, 2 Sons, Cong1 Yin2, Cong Giun3
Sung4 Gung1 Cong1 Yin2 Zen1, 5 Sons, Hen2 Vui4, Hen2 Yi2, Hen2 Xin4, Hen2 Ked5, Hen2 Ngiong3
Sung4 Gung1 Hen2 Ked5 Li3, 2 Sons, Gued5 Hon4, Gued Fon4

Sung4 Gung1 Gued5 Hon4
(Wife's surname unknown to author), Four Sons, Zong3 Lim2, Tai4 Lim2, Se4 Lim2, Zen3 Lim2

Sung4 Gung1 Zen3 Lim2 b. (c.)1857 - d.1938
Ci2, Zen4, 1 Son, Yun2 Ngied6, 3 Daughters (married to San Zui), (married to Vo Hang), (married to )

Sung4 Gung1 Yun2 Ngied4 b. (c.)1907 - d.1929
Li3 Vu4 Giao1 1908-1981, 2 Sons, Sa1 Kiu2 (Eldest son died from measles) , Hi1 Ngien2

Sung4 Gung1 Hi1 Ngien2 13.4.1929 - 9.1.1999
(alias Sung4 Mag4, Sung4 Ngien2)
Widow Zen1 Zong3 Dai4 (alias Fong2 Yin1), 3 Sons, Vui3 Kiong2 (eldest sibling), (Second sibling, male, unnamed, died in infancy), Vui3 Hiung2 (sixth and youngest sibling), 3 Daughters, Fong Giao (third sibling), Vui Kiun (fourth sibling), Viu Pin (fifth sibling).

My great grandfather was called Sung4 Zen3 Lim2. He survived his only son, and one of his grandsons, my father's older brother. My late father was called Sung4 Hi1 Ngien2, and he recalled him as being an elderly man who had lost his sight sometime in his later life. When my great grandfather died, my father was aged nine. The old man was had lived 81 years.

When my grandfather was born, it is said that my great grandfather was 50 years of age. My grandfather was twenty two when he died from a fishing accident. He had been using explosive charges for this perilous job and left behind my grandmother, my uncle, and my one month old father and my great grandfather. Grandmother was 21 at the time. The year was 1929. My grandfather's year of birth would be 1907 and my great grandfather's year of birth was 1857, and that of his death at 1938.