YA, ya

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 YA     LATE; NIGHT                                  

 YA     RAW; WILD; UNTAMED                           

 YA     ALSO                                         

 YA     GRANDFATHER                                  

 YA     FELLOW; MAN                                  

 YA     TO SCRATCH                                   

 YA     TO CLAW                                      

 YAB    A LEAF                                       

 YAB    PAGE OF A PAPER                              

 YAB    TO WAVE                                      

 YAB    TO PRESERVE WITH SALT                        

 YAK    TO SHAKE HANDS                               

 YAM    TO SPRINKLE                                  

 YAM    TO SHAKE; TO ROCK                            

 YAM    TO CASTRATE                                  

 YAM    TO PEEK; TO GLANCE; TO SEE                   

 YAM    SALT                                         

 YAM    A HOUSE GUTTER                               

 YANG   MARK OR IMPRESSION                           

 YANG   TO WIND AROUND                               

 YANG   TO WIN                                       

 YANG   TO TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH                         

 YANG   SHADOW; IMAGE                                

 YANG   TO SHOW A FILM                               

 YAO    BRILLIANT                                    

 YAO    KITE                                         

 YAO    TO SCHEDULE                                  

 YAO    SPINE; BACK                                  

 YAO    FIRST; ONE                                   

 YAO    TO SHAKE; MOVE