Saturday, 26th September 1998.

Hi there,

Welcome to my pages, and thanks for finding this site. This is an old photo of me. Grim looking chap isn't he?

I have well over 200 pages and hundreds of little gifs here. Mostly it is about Hakka, though I have a few other subjects which have occupied my time variously over the last few years. Hope you enjoy your stay and have fun looking around...

The horizontal bar may be moved up and down, and all links can be found in the top portion of this page appears in this bottom section. If you want a No Frames Version, then feel free to click on the top link. A new browser window may pop up for you.

Do enjoy your visit, and tell me what you think!

As ever, you can email me at my address
found here.

Best wishes,


My name, in chop formMy name, in chop form
My name, in chop formMy name, in chop form