Sung Genealogical Records

The Sung Family CugPu (Clan Records)

NB: For view only to friends and family at this current time.

As it was mentioned in the previous page, there is a gap where information is missing from the lineage. However, it is not unusual to hear that Clan Genealogies were only started later in the Souhtern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). This would agree with the names that are listed withing the Cugpu itself. By the calculation, it is possible to find out an approximate date of the existence of an ancestor. We take 30 years per generation, and work backwards. I estimate that the Sung Ancestor Sung Xin En existed about the year 1160AD. This gives a date for his father also about 1130AD. This occurs neatly around the time when the imperial court of the Lee clan of the Song Dynasty changed location due to incursions by Jin state and the Mongols.

At this time Sung Xin En moved to Cong2Log6 (ChangLe = Wuhua, Ng3Fa2) in GuangDong Province, China. He had three brothers, and his father was Sung4 Ngen2 Dung1 (Sung Yuen Dung, Song yuan Dong).

Sung4 Ngiug4 Yin1 (blue bordered) is the seventeeth generation decendent, and he came from Lung2 Gong1. He established a new branch living in GugPu.

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