Credits where they are due

It is my pleasure to thank all those who have helped directly and indirectly in the creation of these pages. Below are just some though not in any particular order.


Mr. Chi Hung TSANG for lending me a copy of Henry Henne's Sathewkok Phonology.

Mr. Thomas CHAN for broadening my horizons on linguistics, in particular about the influence of Chinese on Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese, amongst many other things.

Mr. Paul LAI who discussed Hakka language with me.

Dr. Chun Fat LAU for sending information about the Greater Hakka sound inventory, information about Hakka in SE China, and for his willingness to meet with him in HK, amongst other things.

Miss Margery Lau Luk YEUNG for responding to a request for a Hakka childrens poem.

Mr. Andrea POLLETT for his interest in Hakka Playing Cards, and cards and games of other Chinese origin.

Mr. Sherman David CHEUNG for his information about Huayang and Wuhua tones amongst many other things.

Mr. Roger I CHEN for sending me information about the TSANG family generation names.

Mr. Albert JenYih CHU for giving information about a Hakka nursery rhyme book.

Mr. Mike WRIGHT for discussing Holo dialect.

"muchan" for Japanese information.

Mr. Harlan Messinger, Mr. Rex Savage, Mr. Stephen H. Mesnick and others who answered my request on extended family members in alt.usage.english and elsewhere.

and of course, to all those who have sent encouragement, support, and requests.

Places and institutions

My local library for arranging to obtain through interlibrary loans from :

The University of York, Heslington, York, UK, for a copy of Mantaro J. Hashimoto's "The Hakka Dialect"

The University of Hull, Cottingham Road, Hull, UK for a copy of "Introduction to Chinese Cursive Script" by Fang-Yü Wang

Hakka information