The Korean Keyboard Layout
for Windows

QWERTY Keyboard Layout

Lower Case

q w e r t y u i o p
b j d g s yo yeo ya ae e

Upper Case

Q W E R T       O P
bb jj dd gg ss       yae ye

a s d f g h j k l
m n */ng l h o eo a i

z x c v b n m
k t ch p yu u eu

Other Combinations

These are "vowel" combinations of jamo, and they are composed of more than one key.

ml hl hk ho nj hp nl
eui oe wa wae weo we wi

A Modified Korean Language Society Romanisation Scheme.


Keyboard Jamo Rom IPA
rg /k/
sn /n/
ed /t/
fl /l/
am /m/
qb /ph/
ts /s/
d* ng /ŋ/
wj /tʃ/
cch /tʃh/
zk /kh/
xt /th/
vp /ph/
gh /h/
Rgg /k'/
Edd /t'/
Qbb /p'/
Tss /s'/
Wjj /tʃ'/


Keyboard Jamo Rom IPA
ka /a/
keo /ʌ/
ho /o/
nu /u/
meu /ɨ/
li /i/
oae /æ/
pe /e/
iya /ja/
uyeo /jʌ/
yyo /jo/
byu /ju/
Oyae /jæ/
Pye /je/
hkwa /wa/
howae /wæ/
hloe /we/
njweo /wʌ/
npwe /we/
nlwi /wi/
mleui /ɨj/


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