Help with Initials

There are 17 consonant initals given in the page on pronunciation, which are reproduced here:

b p m f
d t n l
g k ng h
z c s  
Of these, y, v, b, p, m, f, d, n, l, g, k, h, and s are pretty straight forward. They can be approximated by using the sounds values found in English by a beginner in the sounds of Chinese. After time, and with practice and hearing from native speakers, the reader begin to pronounced these sounds much closer to their proper pronunciation.

The remaining sounds represented in our romanisation by t, ng, z and c may not be so intuitive as one or more of these do not occur often or at all as initial consonants in English. We shall provide some sound files here to illustrate the pronunciation of these sounds and those of the other initials listed above.


The following sound files may contain syllables which don't actually mean anything in Hakka. They serve only to illustrate the sounds of the initials. We shall also go through some of the tones, and use the ending -a as our rhyme base.

InitialSound Files
y ya1, ya2, ya3, ya4
v va1, va2, va3, va4
b ba1, ba2, ba3, ba4
p pa1, pa2, pa3, pa4
m ma1, ma2, ma3, ma4
f fa1, fa2, fa3, fa4
d da1, da2, da3, da4
t ta1, ta2, ta3, ta4
n na1, na2, na3, na4
l la1, la2, la3, la4
g ga1, ga2, ga3, ga4
k ka1, ka2, ka3, ka4
ng nga1, nga2, nga3, nga4
h ha1, ha2, ha3, ha4
z za1, za2, za3, za4
c ca1, ca2, ca3, ca4
s sa1, sa2, sa3, sa4