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千 字 文

Cien2 Su4 Vun2
Thousand Character Composition

This piece of work is also known as the Thousand Character Classic, and actually does contain exactly 1000 unique characters. They are in the form of 125 four character couplets (125 * 4 * 2 = 1000).

This piece of work can be found in any Chinese almanac or Tung1 Su1 (通書) in the form of the 《四體千字文》 or "Thousand Character Composition in Four Styles of Handwriting", namely regular, official, cursive and seal character forms. The first page (1a) and last page (14b) contain four couplets each, whilst every other page, (1b, 2a, 2b, 3a .... 14a) have four and a half couplets each. Below, we leave out the page numbering used in the Tung1 Su1, but set out each line as four character couplets.

This page is uses Hakka subtitles throughout. Please refer to the pronunciation guide. Some characters may have multiple readings, but they I have not provided each and every one here.

《千字文》 Cien1 Su4 Vun2



The nature of the character set used (big5) means that some of the characters shown here may not, in fact, be the original characters given in the source. An equivalent variant is provide where this occurs. However, I can be fairly confident that each character is different from the rest.

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